We are specialists in making tailor-made entertainment concepts, stage programming, opening shows and dinner shows. With our extensive offer of various artists and the required technical knowledge and manpower, we make sure that your event will be one big happening.

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DJ Niles Alister

Niels Alister ‘t Hart and vinyl are a golden combination. He combines the big hits and samples from the seventies, eighties and nineties with modern beats & sounds. Old and new are joined together in an edgy mix, live behind the DJ booth. That requires timing, love for and knowledge of music.

DJ Benjamin

DJ Benjamin mixes live samples of famous dance tracks with Arabic, reggae, Latin and groovy sounds. You can hear his versatility in his tailor-made DJ concepts, which creates the atmosphere at your event.



MC Nyjolene

‘You see her, you hear her and all you can say is WOW’. This native English singer is ‘heaven on earth’. Nyjolene participates in various musical projects. For example, she has her own soul/R&B band WICKED and her jazzy solo programme Lady Grey. MC Nyjolene gets the classy party started on the beats of DJ Niles.


Saxophonist Tom Beek

Tom is a popular and all-round saxophonist. This highly demanded soloist moves easily in all sorts of styles while remaining recognisable! With DJ Niles on his side, Tim creates a musical experience.



Percussionist Frank Wardenier

While improvising, Frank creates extra drive and interaction with the audience due to his sense of rhythm with different percussion instruments. This gives the regular DJ set an extra twist!




A guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a keyboard player. Add two marvellous voices to this musical mixture and let it simmer. When your guests are slowly seasoned, Epic! brings them to boil with recognisable and danceable songs.




Sharply dressed and experienced, these three musicians produce a big, warm sound with only two guitars and a cajón, in a clever mix of medleys including the biggest hits by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more.



Three to five beautiful groovy ladies with heavenly voices guarantee a party with power! Wicked gives your event the right tone with famous soul covers; from Motown to modern soul. As a tape act or with a spectacular band.


Frederike Schonis

Frederike is one of Holland’s most promising jazz talents. With her warm, clear voice and a timing that only true jazz singers have, she brings a modern jazzy sound – accompanied by a live band – that appeals to all audiences.



Hear Hella

The theatre, the musical world and the stages at both festivals and corporate events have no secrets for Hella. She sings her favourite songs from the world of jazz, easy listening and evergreens, sprinkled with magic dust.



Lady Grey

Swinging and jamming, Lady Grey breathes new life into much loved jazz standards. Her vocal timbre and timing are of the highest order. Relive the romantic ambiance of a New York nightclub from the thirties. Lady Grey brings you many familiar songs from legends like Frank Sinatra, Billy Holliday and Norah Jones.

Listen to Levin

Accompanying herself on piano, Karen Levin provides cosiness and a pleasant atmosphere, playing and singing a surprising repertoire, ranging from Elton John and Phil Collings to Adele and Billy Joel. Perfect as background music and a truly musical decoration for your dinner.

Mijne Heeren

Rearranged standards alternate with bespoke compositions, colourful harmonies and seductive rhythms in a performance that will surprise, inspire and touch the audience and hit right into their musical hearts. A band that will make you swing but also takes you on an intimate journey alongside sensitive ballads.


Trio Kruit

Kruit (duo or trio) play some sweet sounding, oldies-but-goldies, jazzy, bluesy and swinging tunes in English, French and Dutch. Kruit are sure to give any party in any location a relaxed, pleasant and fitting musical backdrop.



Rembrandt Act

Rembrandt act gives a modern twist to the famous paintings from the Golden Age. From a distance it looks like the dancers have stepped straight out of a Rembrandt painting. But anyone who looks closer will discover the connection with the present.



Off Stage

Walking among your guests, guitarist Age Kat and singer Monique van der Ster play the most beautiful easy listening and pop songs. Both very experienced in the Dutch music world, Monique and Age sound surprisingly musical and complete. Off Stage is an acoustic mobile duo who move gracefully between your guests.

You've got mail

You’ve got mail makes sure that your guests will find each other. Our mail delivery ladies will go to all of your guests, who can sent a postcard on site to one of the other guests. If possible the message will be sung live. And everything with a wink of course!



Marlies du Mosch

Marlies has been working successfully for many years as a piano player and composer, which enabled her to develop her own musical style. Her heart lies with jazz with a strong classical base. With her harmonious wealth she touches many people and creates the perfect atmosphere at your event.

White Deco dansers

These three beautiful dancers are completely styled in tight white suites. By using coloured lights we project the silhouette of these modern, futuristic dancers on for example a flat wall. This moving décor gives an extra dimension to your event and is truly an eye-catcher. Everyone who passes by will take their moment to admire this piece of art.

Hand to Hand

During this act two acrobatics balance on each other’s body, showing strength, balance, control, stability and trust. Without support or against a wall, pillar or bar. These acrobatics make art of a handstand!



Air acrobatics

As they fly high above you gracefully and dazzlingly, this duo demonstrates the art of air acrobatics. Flexibility, dare and balance. Secured to the ceiling but not to their cloth, trapeze, ring or elastic, they perform a beautiful air dance.



Table magic by Robin Matrix

Robin creates fantastic magic shows that people find unforgettable. This stage act is an energetic performance for small and big events. Robin Matrix will give you a spectacular show, demonstrating many facets of modern magic.



Table Magic by Jordi Jansen

With his slight-of-hand tricks, Jordi Jansen amazes all your guests. He moves around the audience and presents his tricks right in front of you. Jordi is guaranteed to amaze and delight your guests at any sort of event.



Reading your handbag

What is it with the ladies and their handbags? Or should we say hand cases. At your event, our handbag reader will be not just admiring the many sorts and sizes of handbags. No, she can tell you all about yourself by reading the contents. The handbag reader will give the owner some humoristic and respectful new insights.

Walking Chandeliers

The walking chandeliers float through the space as silence witnesses of that moment’s beauty. At the entrance, between your guests or at the dinner table. The Walking Chandeliers are available in white, black and gold and are suitable for every official occasion as dinners, openings and receptions.

Masters of Beauty

With their shiny hairdryers at the ready, they welcome your guests with open arms. In their pearly white Hair Studio, comfortable chairs wait invitingly for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate beauty make-over. In the world of bling, beauty and restyling, the Masters of Beauty are a class act like no other!


Hip, cheerful and charming, these multiculti cheese girls in their colourful costumes and high heeled wooden shoes are sure to liven up any party. You are welcome to have your picture taken with them. The ChiKaas serve delicious Dutch bites and can even spice up your event with a marvellous clog dance!

Candygirl & -boy

Everyone loves candy! The candy girls and boys hand out all kind of sweets with a smile. The charming candy girls and cool candy boys surprise your guests in costumes that will surely be talked about. Candy, ice cream, chocolate or dessert? Everything is possible!



Champagne ladies

A warm and friendly welcome at arrival; something that makes every guest happy. Especially when there are beautiful champagne ladies who offer you a glass of champagne! With their smiles and beautiful costumes, these ladies will amaze all your guests. That’s a great start to your event.

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