Live VR Stage

We offer a complete package of services aimed at organizing the perfect online event. We use so-called XR technology for this. With this XR technology, 3D environments are created that merge completely with the real-life environment, so that you can place something or someone in any environment. But that is not everything. Your own project manager will guide you from start to finish. We can take care of everything for you.

How does it work?


The basis for this are LED walls and in the studio in Utrecht also a LED floor in which the non-fiction part is located (people and actual props). The 3D environment created by us is, as it were, ‘projected’ onto the LED system. Everything that falls outside the LED system is therefore virtual or extended reality. A lot is possible in this 3D world. By tracking the position of the cameras, the perspective of what the viewer sees changes along with it, placing him or her really in this three-dimensional space.


We offer the option of making a broadcast fully interactive. We project guests of the event live on camera in the studio and you can talk to them live. In addition, we offer all guests the opportunity to participate using their own camera. These images are displayed live. This increases the feeling of participating in the event together.


In our studio, we adhere to government guidelines regarding personal safety. In addition, your (personal) data is safe with us. Our servers are located in the European Union, which means that we are bound by the European guidelines with regard to privacy and data security.

Our studio's


Located in the new convention centre of Ahoy in Rotterdam.


Located near the A2 close to exit Maarsen.


• 8-12 persons for direction and technical support

• separate audio direction

• extra direction for live interpretors

• various furniture options that are available as standard

• up to 3 persons on camera at the same time

• 2 virtual screens for presentation and live interaction


• dressing room for guests

• catering room for guests fully equipped

• catering room for 4-6 guests

• separate room for screen/light and video direction

• separate room for audio direction

• 150m2 studio surface



step 1




First of all, one of our consultants will map out your wishes and goals during a personal meeting. The consultant will also inform you about all the possibilities of the studio. Based on this, it is examined which options of the studio are best suited to this.


step 3


The preparation


Your consultant will guide you and possibly your team during the preparation phase for the event so that all matters are delivered on time and/or tailor-made for you. Think of leaders and bumpers, videos and presentations.


step 5


We go live




step 2


The plan


We complete the menu on which we indicate which deployment of hardware, crew and facilities are required to achieve the desired result. A suitable offer follows from this. If agreed, we proceed to step 3.


step 4


The test

Your chosen or designed 3D design, presentations, videos and everything agreed in step 3 are loaded into the servers.

Like to know more?

Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities. You can also take a look at the website for more video's and information.


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